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In one short month I’ll be on a plane to the RT Booklovers convention, which will be awesome.  I’ve never been to RT before but have heard only good things about it. Plus I’m going to Disneyland too.  With the express intention of meeting Jack Sparrow.  After all, dreams come true at the Magic Kingdom, right?

RT is just the start of the travels of Mel this year…in June I’m off to New York for three weeks which will include the Romance Writers of America National conference.  I’ve never been to New York for more than a change of airports and can’t wait.  I’ll get to meet my editor and catch up with some of my US peeps (hopefully this will be true of RT too, the peeps bit anyway, as my editor isn’t going).

Then in August it’s the Romance Writers of Australia conference in my home town of Melbourne.  After that, I will officially be out of day job leave until Christmas.  One year I really must figure out how to build in some other trips.

I really love conferences. I love fan girl moments when you see (or, even better, meet) the authors who write the books you love, the talking to other writers and readers and the joy of being surrounded by people who love books and stories as much as I do and who don’t think you’re weird for having stories in your head.  Plus I always learn something new and cool and have fun doing it.

Anyone going to any of these? Or anywhere else exciting? (if you’re going to Tuscany don’t tell me.  I really, really want to go to Tuscany).

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