Cover reveal

And lo, there was a cover for Shadow Kin and it was kind of awesome!

I’ll be the one staring at my computer screen for the next little while and grinning….

ETA: Just also added the official blurb to my books page.


  1. WOW! That is one ‘kick ass!’ chick! This is the kind of cover that makes you buy a book!

  2. Hi Mel,
    That is indeed a stunning cover. You must be so thrilled with it.

    Best wishes


  3. Gwynlyn MacKenzie

    Wow! You stare away. It’s gorgeous!

  4. Hey Mel – gotta tell you my 15yo niece was over today and we were talking about covers and I said, “you have to see this” and showed her yours. She reckons it’s gorgeous and demanded I make a list of all the authors I know with fab covers so she can go and read them 🙂

  5. That’s very cool! : ) Thanks for letting me know!

  6. WOW!! What a gorgeous cover – you have every right to be THRILLED!

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  8. Hey Mel, have been chasing my tail all week so coming in late.
    What a gorgeous cover. She certainly looks like one kick-butting heroine. Not surprised you think it it awesome!!

  9. WOW. This is a very eye-striking cover! They will fly off the shelves. 🙂

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