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Sorry for the blog silence but the hotel internet has taken a dislike to my computer which means I’m sharing Keri’s and quick blogging is trickier. It also means not pics…boo to evil hotel internet.  Keri has cool pics on her blog and facebook pages though.

We arrived early Saturday morning after a somewhat bumpy and sleepless flight (note to self do not take the leaves in the morning flight to LA). I did however finally get to watch Black Swan, Tangled and Red. Air travel is much better with on demand movies!

Sunday and Monday we did the pre-convention early bird tour that the lovely RT ladies organise.  Lots of sightseeing spots, the Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood Bowl, Santa Monica, the La Brea Tar Pits, the Farmer’s Market, Madame Tussauds, Rodeo Drive (where there may have been a little shopping) and the San Antonio Winery (good wine!).

Tuesday Keri and Miriam and I went to Disneyland. Which was very cool.  I am not a big scary ride person (I get horribly sick on them) and neither is Keri so we did all the non scary rides.  Splash Mountain was sadly closed, otherwise I would’ve braved that at least.  But I got to do the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and feed my Captain Jack obsession : )

Yesterday the convention itself started so now soaking up all the fun and knowledge to be had.  Luckily, I seem to have escaped jet lag this time. I’m sure this means it will be hideous when I get home but will deal with that problem when I get to it! Have even managed to write a few pages while over here.  And now, must go hunt down some breakfast before Day 2.

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