To my dear old orange cat, Tabasco, who left us this morning.

He fought the good fight against CRF but the last few days had been telling me he’d had enough.

Seeing as we got him around Easter 1995, I guess it’s kind of fitting that he left at Easter time too. Hopefully he’s up in kitty heaven with Jessie.

You were the sweetest cat (and possibly the stubbornest and loudest at time) and as always, you didn’t stay long enough.

The torti cat and I are very sad.

April 1995


  1. Oh Mel! HUGE, BIG, LONG Hugs!!!!!! It’s a horrible thing to go through but yes, Orange Cat will be at peace now. Huge sympathies. 🙁

  2. Oh, lass, so sorry to hear this. Chronic illness must’ve been hard for him, but he stuck it out for as long as he could, and I’m proud of him. Big hugs to you and Torti.

    Is it alright if I link to this post on Genre Cats? If not, that’s okay – I won’t post anything without your permission.

    Hugs again to you two.

  3. Thanks gals, and Tez, yes, that’s fine to post on Genre Cats. He would be happy with that, he always liked attention : ).

  4. Mel, a huge hug coming your way. 16 years is a wonderful chunk of time to share with Tabasco and what lovely pictures you have of him.
    I feel your pain at losing a good friend. I’ve lost 4 cats of 7 so far over the last 20 years. One thing I like to do to remember them is to plant a bush or tree as their memorial, so when I walk out into my garden I can sit under my Smudge tree or beside my Emma bush and remember the good times with them.

  5. So sad for you, Mel! Cyber hugs and hankies coming. I told my Cassie to keep an eye out for him on the other side so he can have a playmate. She’s a muted calico who died at six from fibrosarcome (from the feline leukemia vaccine). I hear she’s in charge of the welcome committee, just like she was here…

  6. so sad for you 🙁
    the dear orange boy will be greatly missed.

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