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Apologies, apologies, I’ve been promising this all month I know but the last few weeks have been the perfect storm of travel then the cold from Hades then losing my dear old orange cat and then copyedits for Shadow Kin. So haven’t quite got to the Aussie Author Month post as quickly as I would have liked to.

Originally I was going to do a more detailed post on some of my favourite Aussie authors but given all of the above, I’m keeping it short and simple and giving away a book by an awesome Aussie author who is also an awesome person (and excellent travelling companion!), Keri Arthur.

Mercy Burns cover

Her latest book, Mercy Burns just came out last week, so if you like dragons and all things Keri, you need to check it out! To help you do just that, I’m giving away a copy. To enter, just comment on this post (this post only….comments on all other posts are eligible for the usual monthly contest, so to keep it simple, to win Keri’s book, comment here) and tell me about one of your favourite Aussie authors (or why you must must have Keri’s book). Winner will be drawn randomly at the end of the month.

And, if you’d like to help some other people be able to enjoy our fabulous Aussie Authors, please consider donating to the Indigenous Literacy Project.

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