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And the winner of May’s contest is Gwen Hernandez! Gwen gets Naked in Death by J.D. Robb.

For June, I’m going to be doing something a little different…a mystery contest.

You see, I’m off to the Romance Writers of America convention in New York and there they have a massive book signing to benefit literacy charities, so I thought to myself, self, let us obtain a signed book for the next contest.

But because I’m not sure who will be there etc, I am unable to announce exactly which book.  So you will have to comment along this month in good faith and suspense. The book chosen will fulfill my pay-it-forward contest philosophy of being a book by one of my favourite authors in one of my favourite genres. Because my travels extend over the end of the month, I may keep the contest open a little longer this time.  Depends on how well behaved the internet access in the hotel is (hopefully far better than LA!) and how much fun we’re having.

As usual to be in the running, just comment on any blog post this month (where month equals until I close the contest this month). The history of why I’m giving away my favourite books is here.

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