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And now onto Wednesday.  On Tuesday there was shoe shopping and other frivolities which I’ve already posted about on FB etc.  Wednesday afternoon, Keri and I went for a wander around to get a closer look at some of the places we went on the bus tour.

New York Public Library – Patience or Fortitude (which is what the lions are called but I’m not sure which one this dude is)

Stairs inside the library

View from one of the windows


Ceiling in the library

Door in the library

Outside Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station concourse

Lights in Grand Central

Interior of the Chrysler building

Lamps outside the Chrysler building


Statue outside a hotel whose name escapes me right now

Stained glass inside Saint Patricks, which has some of the most gorgeous stained glass I’ve seen

More stained glass

Next up will be some shots from the Cloisters….

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