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And now the long promised pics from our sunset harbour cruise on Saturday night.  Which was a beautiful evening after a long hot day.  (Also, two hours of enforced no shopping lol)

Very happy with the pics from my little Panasonic…got some great shots but will not inflict them all on you!

First up, the Intrepid which has been converted into a museum…

The Chrysler building gleaming…I think the Chrysler is definitely my fave New York building

Ellis Island in silhouette

Long view of the city

Statue of Liberty at sunset

Bridges and the Statue


And again

Last light over New Jersey

Empire and Chrysler

Reflected sunset

And my other fave New York building..don’t know what this one with all the Mondrian type windows is but it looked very cool at sunset with all the reflections turning the windows pink and silver and gold!




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