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Okay gang, it’s officially two weeks until release day!

To celebrate, I’ve just posted the final excerpt…the first part of Chapter Two. So hie over to the site if you wish to read. To make it easier, you can jump to Chapter Two if you’ve read Chapter One already and you can download Chapter Two separately if you’ve already downloaded Chapter One or you can download a combined Chapter One and Two if you haven’t read them before.

Later this week, I’ll be doing a newsletter (hint…there may be an extra giveaway for newsletter subscribers). If you want to sign up, the form is at the bottom of the sidebar or on the home page of the website. And there’ll be a launch contest announcement.

Until then, Keri is still giving away an ARC over at her blog.

I’ll be popping up on various blogs and sites over the next three weeks, so I’ll post those dates here as they happen.

Till then, I promise I’ll be back with something less book related to blog about soon!

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