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Tomorrow, or at least, sometime late tomorrow for me, is release day!

So one last snippet to tide you over. When I was doing the collage for the book, I needed a red headed actress for my heroine stand in. Being an Aussie, Nicole Kidman (too tall and at the time, too blonde) sprang to mind. And then I thought of Miranda Otto (who is also a strawberry blonde). So I went looking for images and found these two….which pretty much perfectly evoke my messed up assassin gal. Miranda doesn’t quite look like her and her hair isn’t red enough in these (the girl on the cover is actually really close to my mental image) but the mood and attitude I get from these pics is spot on.

I believe these pics were taken by Karin Catt for an Australians in Hollywood exhibition that the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra did.

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