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Shadow Kin is out today! Let there be rejoicing (or at least some chocolate and bubbly!)

One of my NY 4th of July pics seems appropriate for the occasion!

It’s been a long 19 months or so since I sold and waited for the big day. Thanks to everyone who’s been cheering me on along the way (and even beforehand), it means a lot to me. And an extra thank you to Jessica Wade, editor extraordinaire and Miriam Kriss, super agent and my fabbo crit buddies, the lovely lulus!

Now it’s time for the book to go out and make its own way in the world.

But first to celebrate, some winners from the blog giveaway. I know I said two copies but hey, three is meant to be an auspicious number, so let’s make it three!

The winners are Kim Perry, Shiuli and J. Christopher! Who can contact me via my contact page and I’ll get things organised.

I hope everyone has an awesome day today.  I’ve had a lovely day so far and even though, weirdly, I do need to sleep through part of launch day US time, I shall be partying in spirit!

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