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Yes, I am still alive, yes, I still have a broken ankle and am still in the writing cave with book 3 and therefore am living a life that does not feature much blog-worthy news. But I will do better in December!

But first, some exciting news…my lovely cover has finalled in both the Best Female and Best Debut cover categories of the All Things Urban Fantasy 2011 Cover Art Awards.

Paranormal Cover Art Awards
Covers are very very important.  They catch the reader’s eye, they draw them in, they intrigue them. They’re most often the thing (particularly for a newbie author) that will make someone pick up your book and flip to the first page and read a bit. And the Shadow Kin cover does all those things brilliantly.

Julia Rohwedder did the art and Eileen Carey and the fab Roc team did the design and they created something beautiful that I still stop and stare at today.  So if you like my kick ass cover too, please show them some appreciation and vote!

There are lots of categories in the award and there have been many many brilliant covers in the Urban Fantasy/Paranormal genres this year, so go check them out. You might even find some new books to try.

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