Writerpalooza, Day 3

One of those days that was productive but there wasn’t much forward motion to show for it. I revised a chapter and a half, including writing a one new scene I hadn’t expected (I’m taking this as a good sign that the girls in the basement are re-engaged and starting another).  I probably wrote around 2000 new words but I probably slashed at least 1000 too.

I’m down to the last 30 odd pages of written bits and, I think I said yesterday, I’m not sure how much of that I’ll be keeping…it will largely depend on what turns the plot takes after this next new scene. I’m hopeful I can use some of it but if I do it will have to be tightened up and trimmed (this last bit was what I was writing when I realised the story wasn’t quite working the first time round).  Whatever happens, the words still seem to be coming easily enough, so if I can make the plot come together, we should be on the homeward stretch!

In other news, Rawhide on the ukulele sounds quite amusing!

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  1. Productive is good, no matter which direction you go.

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