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Sorry, last night I got distracted by yarny things and Downton Abbey (a rewatch of S1).

Anyway yesterday was very hot and I was sleepy due to a hot night. I finished the other new scene and then had to pause to contemplate what comes next.  Still not entirely sure but I guess I’ll find out as I type today.

Last night was hot again and I got up early this morning to do this:

I promise there won’t be bread posts  every week but this is my first loaf using just the sourdough starter (no added yeast) so I’m quite chuffed.  I probably could’ve let it rise in the pan a bit longer (it didn’t rise as much in the oven as some bread does) but it tastes delish! Maybe a tiny bit saltier than I like, so I’ll reduce the salt quantity next time.  I don’t add salt to much food so I notice it when it’s there and it has to be there for bread, really.  Lovely chewy crunchy crust. I largely followed this recipe but only used a kilo of flour, so scaled everything down accordingly. Added bonus, virtually no kneading required.

And now on with the rest of the day.

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