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Sorry for the blog silence but on Monday I finished Book 3 (yippeeee!) and have subsequently been suffering post book finishing frenzy brain. And doing the Blood Kin page proofs. Not sure this is a good combination which is why I am only doing short batches each day.

Yesterday Keri and I headed off to Sydney for the Australian Romance Readers Association Awards Dinner which was great fun. I did not win my category (not that I was expecting to) but I did want to say THANK YOU again to everyone who either nominated Shadow Kin or voted for it (or both). It was wonderful to be nominated for my first book. Congratulations also to all the very talented writers who did win (with a special shout out to my buddy Kelly Hunter for best short contemporary! Yay!!). It’s always fun to see friends and talk books with readers and writers alike!

Given that I am still somewhat limited in my mobility options (four months tomorrow since I busted this stoopid ankle) and that the weather in Sydney was both wet and steamy, there was no sight seeing opportunities and we flew back early this morning due to various other factors. So no exciting Sydney pics for pic of the week.

However, on Friday, I did put my poor grubby little car through the automatic car wash thingy, and given going through the car wash involves sitting in a switched off car with big green swirly things thumping around you, I thought I’d pull out the iPhone and see if I could get any cool pictures. There are a couple of either blurry big green swirly things or still big green swirly things and then there was this one…which I like because I like water and the textures it makes. The main thing I’ve learnt about taking pics in the last few years is that you have to take a lot of pictures to get the good ones!

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