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And not a little squeeing!

Anyway, once upon a time there was a writer who loved romance and fantasy. Grew up reading ’em both. Started writing ’em both. Sold the fantasy ones first….but today, I’m very very thrilled to announce I have, thanks to the agent wizardry of Miriam Kriss, sold 3 contemporary romances to the awesome Jennifer Enderlin at St. Martins Press!!

Well, when I say me, it’s actually M.J’s evil twin, Melanie Scott who is writing these. Or maybe M.J. is the evil twin…anyway, two names for me!

At this stage the titles of the books are The Devil in Denim, Angel in Armani and Lawless in Leather and Book 1 should be out sometime early-mid 2014.

Melanie’s website (well the first version thereof) is here and she has a Facebook page (hop over there and like her if you want news via FB). I’ll put the details of the website up here when I have them but because it’s nice to share, there’ll be one twitter @melscott and news of all books will be posted here at Crossed Wires (which you’ll be able to access from both sites) along with the usual cat stories, pics and general ramblings about the writerly life.

For all my lovely M.J readers, do not fear, M.J. isn’t going anywhere, so if you’re not into contemporary romance, there will be more fantasy tales for you. If you do like contemporary romance, then hopefully you’ll check Melanie’s books out.
And that’s all for now…more on these books to come!

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