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Summer, which technically ended nine days ago, is hanging on like grim death here in Melbourne.  We’re currently in the middle of what could turn out to be the longest streak of consecutive days above 30 (86) in a row.  I think we’re currently on day five or six…with at least four more expected. Outside, the sky is the very definition of sultry…

Tempers are short and the nights are long and hot. Everyone wants long cool drinks and airconditioning, swimming pools and ice-cream.  So, in the spirit of maybe the weather gods look kindly on giveaways, I am trying to improve the general mood by offering two of these little beauties up for grabs.

Two get ’em while they’re hot, ARCs of Iron Kin (out in just three and a half weeks!).

To enter just email me, mel @ with “It’s hot, I need an ARC” in the title to enter. Those of you in the northern hemisphere will just have to imagine the heat.  Or come up with another creative subject line : )

It’s a long weekend here, so I’ll draw the winners early next week! When it will still be hot. Sigh. Pass the ice cream.

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