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Over January I did a big declutter/house revamp following along with Apartment Therapy’s January Cure. Decluttering is good for the soul and the muse and I swear, my house feels twice as big as it did and new again. Now the challenge is keeping up the systems to keep it mostly need and stop the stuff building up.

Apartment Therapy is a great site if you have a small place (and even if you don’t) full of good ideas, tips, tricks and lifehacks. One thing I really like about them is that they encourage the use of green cleaning products. It’s amazing what baking soda and vinegar and a bit of elbow grease can achieve.

While I was browsing through some of their many good posts on green cleaning, I came across a recipe for DIY Air freshener.  Now, I love things that smell nice and I struggle to find air fresheners that aren’t horribly fake smelling and/or not full of chemicals, and it required water, alcohol and essential oils, of which I have all three. Instant win.

I made the first batch up in an old plant type water mister but then decided to hunt for some cuter bottles that look okay enough to leave out on a shelf etc. Luckily, my friend Kathy, who makes great natural skincare (check out Botanical Secrets, Aussies), pointed me towards New Directions, which sell all sorts of bottles and jars and atomisers etc, so I’m now sorted.

Given that it is dead easy and you can customise it to whatever scents you like, the formula is a winner in my book, so I thought I’d share.

DIY Air Freshener from Apartment Therapy

1 oz (30mls) gin, vodka or rubbing alcohol (I went for vodka as I have some and of the three, it has the least scent)

6 oz (180mls) filtered or distilled water (I used filtered as I don’t have distilled)

30 – 40 drops of essential oil (I’ve used roughly 30 each time I’ve made it)

So it makes about 210ml and according to the AT post, lasts about a month.

So far I’ve done peppermint/lavender/eucalyptus which is one of my all time favourite essential oil blends for relaxing/destressing/calming and focus which I use in my bedroom and other places and I’ve just done a batch of lemon/grapefruit/eucalyptus for the loo and the kitchen. Adding eucalyptus or tea tree make it slightly antibacterial (though I will confess I still have good old glen 20 for when something really needs anti bacterial such as when folks are crook) but you can use whatever appeals. I guess you could even use vanilla extract or something if you like more foodie scents.

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