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Which is also the final Half-Light City snippet. Four books later and the story is done. At least for now (because you know, never say never).

So have a snippet from our hero.

Having gleaned what I could for now, I turned my attention from the Fae to my surroundings. I was still shielding my power, but despite that, I could feel the song of the court and the Veiled World itself. Feel the slow, ancient pulse of the magic that ran beneath it. All that lazy power there to be used, ready to leap to my call.

It stood the hairs on the back of my neck on end and I was very glad that this was the second time I’d been to Summerdale rather than the first since my exile. This time, it wasn’t quite so seductive and I didn’t feel quite so drunk with it.

There was still a certain amount of temptation to let it run through me and wreak some old-fashioned havoc, but that would only lead to more trouble. The aim today was to stay alive.

One more sleep!

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