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So, a few bits and pieces of news to report (which is better than lions and tigers and bears).

Thing, the first. The new fantasy book has a title. It’s called THE SHATTERED COURT and will be out sometime in 2015. This is the start of a whole new series, with magic and demons and secrets and feats of derring-do and romance. I’ll be finishing writing it over the next few months, so looking forward to finding out exactly how all that works out.

Thing, the second. The New York Saints series will be coming out in audiobook! Yay! I love audiobooks, so am very excited by this. As far as I know, this will be at the same time, or shortly after the books themselves are released but will update as I can.

Thing, the third. Speaking of dates, the schedule for the New York Saints books is currently:

  • THE DEVIL IN DENIM 26 August 2014
  • ANGEL IN ARMANI January 2015 (Amazon says December 30 2014…I’ll confirm the exact date when I can)
  • LAWLESS IN LEATHER May 2015 (Exact date TBD)

So there you have it. News. And a schedule which is the reason why this blog is a bit quiet lately! And to leave you, a gratuitous picture of the Fuzzy Girl being earnestly excited by all this news.

Fuzzy Excitement

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