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So one of the things I wanted to try this year was writing a short story. I haven’t written a lot of short fiction…I think I’m a natural novelist but it’s good to stretch yourself and try something new. When I was working on The Wolf Within earlier this year, I kept wondering about the idea of a short story for that series…a glimpse into something in Ash’s life before. That eventually became The Day You Went Away which is now free at all good e-book stores and Wattpad. So if you’re curious about The Wild Side series, it might be a good place to start and if you’ve already read The Wolf Within or The Dark Side, it’s a little extra about Ash and Dan. I hope you enjoy!

The Day You Went Away - A Wild Side short story


Oh, and the inspiration for the title (and a very good song about regret and lost loves) is this.

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