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It’s Australia Day today which means most people in Australia have a day off and are probably enjoying some food and the odd drink or two with friends. For me it’s a writing day as usual but I wanted to stop and say yay for Australia. It’s a pretty good place to live. Sure, it has some issues and needs to do better at stuff and it would be nice if it was just a leetle closer to other countries so it didn’t take eleventy billion years to fly anywhere and it would be even better if geographical restrictions on books and tv and movies would just die already but it’s doing okay. So Happy Australia Day fellow Aussies and for everyone else, well, you should come visit! Seriously, the place isn’t brimming with poisonous wildlife and we don’t have bears or tornadoes or polar vortexes. And we do have some pretty cute wildlife life our happy quokka friend below!


And no one will make eat Vegemite if you don’t want to. Though you should, it’s tasty 😀

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