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One of my fave things to do on Pinterest is browse the geek section and look at all the cool fan art that people make about the things that they love. So much creative talent and since starting to draw and paint myself, I appreciate it even more. Artists are awesome.

Some are awesome and funny:


Via fashionablygeek. Artist Karen Hallion.

Some are awesome and cute:


via Icanhazcheezburger. Artist Mike Joos.

And some are awesome and glorious: (I think these were official commissions for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary sold as separate pictures so not sure if that’s fan art but it’s still for fans and it’s still glorious.)


via  RiverSongisthequeen.  Artist Alice X Zhang.

I love that people love a story or character so much that they want to make art about it. I know some authors have an issue with fanfic but I don’t unless the fanfic author tried to make money from my world. And I don’t think any author would be upset with someone loving their characters enough to want to draw or paint or embroider etc them. I’ve been playing with doing a wee bit of fanart when I’m in the mood. I posted Baymax a while ago. And here’s another one I did (yes, Marvel fangirl here).


Good practice for sloshing the watercolours around in a different way. Who else is a fanart fan? Any fave artists?


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