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It’s February which means that January is already done 2015 is zooming by just as fast as 2014 did. Being a virgo, I always like the start of the year and making plans and setting goals etc. I had a extra long break from the day job over late December and January which means that I had lots of time to think about what I want to do this year.

Last year in January I did Apartment Therapy’s January Cure in a big way and spent a month decluttering and buying some new furniture and putting up new art and reorganising my house which was great. This year I’m doing it again but not so hard core and some of it will continue this month but it’s still a nice way to start the year by cleaning out some of the clutter of the old year and making room for new things. And to remind myself to do little things that make me happy. Like buying carnations.


And splashing paint around.


One of the things I’m doing differently this year, to help keep track on my goals is checking in regularly with a couple of friends on some of the things I’m trying to do. I think it’s good to talk about what’s working or not working or when you might need some ideas on. So far so good. The little things I’m trying to change are working and stuff is (mostly getting done). Hopefully the trend will continue as the year continues and life gets busy busy again. Remembering the plan. And to buy flowers.


How was January for everyone?

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