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I took the first couple of weeks of January pretty easy writing wise and then, of course, got two sets of page proofs to do by the end of the month, so spent a lot of time going over these with a fine tooth comb.


Since then it’s been back to Playing Hard, getting my head back into the game (ha, sports analogy!). The good thing about the proofs being done is that it means that I have nothing more to do on either of those books except promo stuff so for the first time in about two years, I can just write one book and not get interrupted by edits. Novelty! I wonder if I’ll end up wanting to play with something else to break it up. My writing process seems to change slightly with every book, so anything could happen. So it’s writing, writing for the next little , with a few fun things planned to make sure I don’t turn into complete writer hermit.

And that’s all the writing news that’s fit to print!

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