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Anyone here need move your butt music to make exercise more fun?


I don’t know whether it’s because I like music generally or because I started ballet when I was five and therefore my body associates music with moving around but I definitely find music is one of the things that makes exercise more enjoyable. Sometimes I’ll do podcasts or an audiobook but if I’m having trouble getting started out come the exercise playlists on the old iPhone. And given that one of my goals this year is moving more for both general happier Mel and less cranky knee reasons, lately the playlists have been getting a workout and some new additions.

One of my fave songs is this one. Just something about the beat gets me moving and in the mood. Plus I have a suspicion it’s a song that belongs to my next book, so the muse likes it too.

The vast majority of my playlists is pop music ranging from old skool (ABBA) to new (see above). More pop songs seem to fit my rhythm plus pop music makes me happy. Anyone exercise to music? What are some of your favourite tunes?

PS: For additional exercise inspiration watch this vid, it’s awesome!

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