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Baked oatmeal? It’s not really a thing here in Australia (well, if it’s a thing, I have missed the news). But it’s something I had heard mentioned a few times by people of the US variety but had never really thought about it. I tend to get into breakfast ruts. At the day job I tend to have greek yoghurt and muesli or porridge, at home I have those or green smoothies or the odd bit of toast. Maybe eggs or pancakes if I’m highly motivated. But sometimes you just want something that feels a bit more treat-y (and that takes no effort). Muffins are nice but generally not the healthiest. So when I was browsing Pinterest the other day and stumbled across these Blueberry Baked Oatmeal Singles, I was intrigued. They sounded easy and yummy and reasonably healthy and, best of all, I figured I could freeze them for speedy breakfasts.

Now, I do not think we have the intriguing sounding Icelandic yoghurt she refers to here so I did my usual recipe tweaking. I used 170g low fat greek yoghurt and bumped up the brown sugar slightly to 85g. And being me, added cinnamon. And used frozen blueberries as that was what I had. They are yummy! Though they do stick to the pan, so best made in those patty pan/muffin cup things. Two of them is a surprisingly filling breakfast. And they freeze fine. And don’t dry out when zapped back to life in the microwave.

I made another batch with fresh apple (about 1 1/4 apples peeled and chopped fairly finely) and cinnamon in the paper cups. Definitely thumbs up to the paper cups.

Baked oatmeal

Delicious. I think I might drop the sugar a little bit further. And maybe even experiment with tossing a little protein powder in. The mix is quite wet and they come out quite moist but that’s good if you’re going to freeze them. If not, you might want a little less milk. Am definitely keeping these in the breakfast rotation and will try some other fruit varieties. I like the idea of apricot ones….

Got a favourite quick and easy breakfast?

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