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Maybe this is the grown up version of playing with paper dolls but I’ve always really liked fashion illustration. I am not really a fashion person in the sense of wanting to spend wodges of money on clothes (though hey, if I ever am in the financial position too, that may change) but I do appreciate looking at a gorgeous frock (red carpet viewing of awards shows is a must) or two that I’ll never be able to afford. I’m never able to stay away from fashion/costume exhibitions at museums etc (seeing the McQueen show at the Met was one of the highlights of my trip to New York a few years back). So armchair fashion appreciation has been a thing. Makes sense I guess. It’s colour and line and prettiness. Those are my visual jam.

And besides looking at the real thing or photos of the real thing, I’ve always liked how fashion illustration suggests the clothes in a simple way. For example:


Illustration by Jessica Durrant.


Illustration by Katie Rodgers.

meganhessgreenIllustration by Megan Hess.

Just so pretty. Fashion illustration always makes me think of old school glamour like Audrey Hepburn and Katharine Hepburn and Grace Kelly. So when I saw that Katie Rodgers has a class on watercolour fashion illustration on Skillshare I thought I’d give it a go (really, I am repeating myself but the internet is the best thing ever to happen for learning art). I think a lot of illustrators use markers and other mediums but I do like the way watercolour suggests movement and light and shade in the fabric so beautifully.

It was lots of fun to try. Like the grown up version of paper dolls, maybe. Here are my first couple of attempts. I’m sure there will be more. One day I’ll learn how to draw hands and noses. I hate noses! So tricky. So yay for art forms that are okay with suggestions of features 😀


That one’s is inspired by one of Lady Mary’s dresses in Downton Abbey. And this next one by a wedding dress pic I found somewhere.


I look forward to some more experimenting in the future. And am now adding “pin gorgeous frocks” to my list of Pinterest activities” as well as rekindling the old habit of ripping things out of mags. Sigh. I really do need a clone or two.

So how about you? Like looking at pretty things? Or drawing them?

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