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Okay, so the ultimate in lazy pizza is picking up the phone and ordering one but even though I love pizza, let’s face it it isn’t the healthiest food in the world. So if I make it myself I can make a slightly healthier version and therefore get to eat it more often. Win win.

The biggest part of home made pizza is figuring out a base that works. I’m yet to find a pre made pizza base that I really like so when I’m after the ultimate quick and healthy-ish pizza base is a pita bread or souvlaki wrap. Top with whatever takes your fancy, whack in the oven at about 400 for about 10 minutes (or until the cheese is nice and melty and going golden) and voila, pizza in a hurry.

But sometimes I feel like a pizza that’s a bit more traditional seeming. I always thought making pizza dough was a bit of a faff. That is, until the brilliant Deb Perelman at the Smitten Kitchen posted about this Lazy Pizza Dough. Seriously, this is pizza dough that anyone can make. The only difficult part is needing to decide either a day or half a day in advance that you want to make pizza. You mix the dough, you leave the dough alone for 6-24 hours, then you shape it, top it with whatever you like cook it.  And get this.

LazyPizzaDoughPizzaYum. A couple of tips. The sauce that is mentioned in the Smitten Kitchen post is yummy. But when I can’t be bothered doing that, I revert to a couple of tablespoons of jarred pasta sauce for the sauce. Also, the dough is pretty wet and sticky. You could probably roll it out to make a neater looking pizza but I just kind of stretch it out free form. For me, it makes two pizza bases. They’re fairly thick bases, so the pizza is pretty filling. I usually make 1 Pizza and then cook the other base untopped (for about 12 mins at the same temp as in the post), cool it and freeze it. Defrosted, you can use it as a sort of faux turkish bread to have with soup or dips etc or make pizza with it (you’d need to experiment with the cooking time or maybe if you want to freeze it to make pizza, cook it less but I haven’t tried this yet). You could also use this to make fresh hot faux turkish style bread with minimal effort. Go forth and enjoy some lazy cuisine!


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