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Could be summed up as hooray, I reached


on PLAYING HARD and it is officially submitted to my editor but there are more things afoot. I’ve officially started PLAYING FAST which I want to have a draft of before I jet off to the US in July. So far it is fun. But I probably say that at the start of every book. But of more immediate interest is the fact that there are now less than two actual weeks until THE SHATTERED COURT hits the shelves on April 28. Find out more and find all the links to the lovely places that will let you pre-order on MJ’s website over here. Let’s have another quick look at the beeyootiful cover to tempt you further…

TheShatteredCourt_Hi#7B5D14 copy

Even better, seven short days after The Shattered Court hits the shelves, LAWLESS IN LEATHER (which is Mal’s book for those who have been playing along with the New York Saints series) will join it. Linky goodness etc over here on Melanie’s site. And here’s a dose of Mal abs. You know you want ’em 😀

Lawless In Leather

So that’s all the news that’s fit to blog. There will be some more tidbits about The Shattered Court and Lawless in Leather popping up here over the next few weeks. Possibly some giveaway too so, keep checking back. There will be other giveaways exclusive to newsletter subscribers so don’t forget to sign up for my newsletters on MJ’s or Melanie’s sites.

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