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I caught up with one of my best friends last Friday. For various crazy schedule reasons we hadn’t seen each other in far too long. Our cunning plan was to find a restaurant and have a good natter but as fate would have it, the restaurant we tried only had a table for a short period of time so we found ourselves back out in the corridors of Crown (which is a big hotel/casino/entertainment complex in Melbourne) after admiring the petticoat lights and eating yummy food.


There wasn’t much on at the movies so we wandered up to the Spiegeltent which is currently there. The show playing there is Absinthe which is kind of sexy circus/cabaret/comedy/burlesque. I hadn’t heard of it but her mother in law had seen it and raved, so we decided to give it a go. And it was brilliant. The comedy is very rude, crude and un-PC but still very funny (really, do not go if you are easily offended) but the circus acts (acrobats and aerialists and high wire etc) and the burlesque (fire eating burlesque, people) were all breathtaking. Especially up so close (Spiegeltents are that big). Amazing stuff. Here are some pics.










After we emerged from Absinthe and admired the view from the roof for awhile


Then we ate cake, drank delicious upscale pear cider and admired the art in the swanky bathrooms.



After that Sophia Loren wandered past our table and we decided that was probably a sign that the night had peaked and toddled home. So there you go. Sometimes random nights are the best.

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