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It’s a pretty good time to be a SFF fan TV wise. There were some long lean years in there (and Aus TV programmers still can’t program SFF to save themselves but thankfully catch up TV and iTunes and Netflix fixes some of that) but right now, thanks to the popularity of superhero movies and things like Twilight, it seems like there’s a new geeky show every other week. (Yay).

One of my faves recently (there are many so there will be more blogs) has been Arrow. Now, it’s not a perfect show and it took me a while to get into it because Oliver Queen is very emo at the start but I’m glad I’ve persevered (I’ve only watched series 1 and 2 so far so no s3 spoilers please).


It’s not the deepest show in the world but there’s lots of good twisty back story and plot. I started to get invested when Felicity appeared because who doesn’t love a feisty IT genius girl who rocks glasses and a bright lip?


Felicity and Ollie have great chemistry (Team Ollicity all the way) which is kind of a problem for the writers because they have better chemistry than any of the other women he’s meant to fall for. Hopefully they will eventually bow to the invevitable and get them together (there were hints in S2 so don’t break my heart with s3 spoilers if it all goes pear shaped!). She’s a good example of a secondary character who demands a bigger role. Which often happens to writers too.

And of course, the other undeniably appealing factor about the show is that Oliver seems to lose his shirt quite often. As Stephen Amell looks like this, no one is complaining. (Hey, I have to study hot actors for hero inspiration…I’m working here).


I’m looking forward to S3 once I’ve worked my way through some backlog on other shows. Too much good TV is a nice problem to have. So, any Arrow fans in the house?

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