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I haven’t been watching enough movies lately. Mainly because the cinema I usually go to is closed for renovation so going elsewhere takes more planning and time. Boo! I did manage to see Age of Ultron and the Second Best Exotic Marigold hotel (if you like that, you might like The Hundred Foot Journey which I saw on iTunes the other day and enjoyed). I need to see Pitch Perfect 2 before it vanishes from the cinemas. Otherwise, here’s what’s on the top of my get to the cinema to see list.

Which is apparently bonkers and awesome. So. Yay.

Because, minions.

Because dinosaurs (and Chris Pratt)

Because Cameron Crowe. Who even when the movies don’t quite work is one of my fave directors. And hmmm apparently “dude staring at something coming toward him” is the feature frame choice du jour. What are you looking forward to?

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