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Between writing all the books, cat butlering, day jobbing, splashing paint around and attempting not to be a complete introvert hermit, life gets hectic around here sometimes. And being a virgo, I can get very THINK ALL THE THINGS ABOUT ALL THE THINGS AND TRY AND SOLVE IT ALL NOW. Therefore I try to remember to do things to help the virgo brain turn off a bit and maintain a reasonably healthy (for a writer) level of sanity. Here are five of my fave things to help me relax so I am chilled out like the torti.

Relaxing like a boss

1. Headspace. This is a great little meditation app.
2. My Yantra Mat. Looks torturous but is very relaxing. Also good for cranky backs.
3. Aromatherapy. I now have an ultrasonic diffuser thingy that means no candles (not so good with cats) and no worrying about boiling dry etc. Smells really do change your mood. I love peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus when I need to focus.
4. Art. Painting, drawing, colouring, whatever. For some reason it puts me in a very focused on just the moment state. Plus is fun.
5. Moving. This is the one I struggle most with doing. I don’t know why. Brains are dumb. But as soon as I do go for the walk or get on the exercise bike or swim or do some stretches, I feel better. Note to self, just do it. Or buy a dog.

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