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I’ve never been a real collector of things (I don’t count books and DVDs and art supplies/yarn/fabric etc are consumables not collectibles). I’ve had the odd soft toy or little figurine of something I like but never really a big collection of anything but lately I seem to be acquiring Funko Pop Vinyl figures. I don’t like a lot of collectible figures as the faces of the ones that are meant to be realistic never quite look right. But the Pop’s have big cartoon heads and aren’t meant to look realistic so they just make me smile.

It started with Black Widow (because yay, they actually make a Black Widow one unlike certain other merchandise that likes to forget the ladies). Then she was lonely and I acquired a Groot. Then, that, of course, meant I needed a Baby Groot. Three wasn’t too bad. Three isn’t a collection. But then I saw Mal from Firefly and somehow bought him. And my sil spotted Thor at a market (he may be teeny but his hammer is still mighty). Then Mal was lonely so I ordered Zoe. So um, seven. Until a sale the other day which means I now have Buffy on her way along with Wash and Kaylee to complete my Firefly gang.

I think I may have a problem. But they’re cute, not a big splurge individually and they make me laugh, so I figure what the heck! Do the things that make you happy.

Here’s the collection so far:

The Marvel-ites (I fear this will expand)

The Marvel Gang

And the beginnings of the Firefly crew (the other two are still on their way).

Firefly beginnings

Some are bobble heads but the Firefly ones aren’t. Haven’t figured out the rationale for bobbling versus non bobbling. I will note that Zoe is the only one that doesn’t stand up on her own. Her figurine has really small feet compared to the others which I figure is the problem so am going have to jerry rig a stand (or figure out if I got a dud Zoe (how could they do a dud Zoe?).

Do you collect anything?

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