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Go buy this book.


Seriously. I liked Naomi’s Temeraire series (Napleonic wars with dragons…what’s not to like?) and I knew she had a new book coming out. I’d even read the blurb but had sort of made a note to self to buy it when it came out. Then the other day I saw someone on Twitter post a rave and mention it was Mckinley-esque. Now, Robin McKinley is one of my favourite fantasy authors. Sunshine is one of my all time favourite books but I love her more high fantasy stuff like Chalice and Spindle’s End and Pegasus etc as well. Her style is what I think of as Intimate High Fantasy. So there’s fantasy stuff and high stakes etc but the focus of the story is usually quite tight on a place and group of people…as opposed to your sprawling epic wars and armies and journeys across the world type fantasies. Not sure how exactly to describe it. So if you tell me something is Mckinley-esque I’m likely to prick up my ears. So I downloaded Uprooted and boom, there went many hours until I finished reading it. Loved it. Loooovvvveeeeddd it. Many thumbs up. I hope she does more in this world.

And the alternate cover is gorgeous too. This is the one I got on my kindle version which makes me suspect it’s the UK/Commonwealth cover.


I am tempted to buy the hardcopy just because of the pretty and so I can wave it in people’s faces when I’m pimping it out. Which I will be. Like now. McKinley fans, go buy it. Everyone else, go buy it too.

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