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I am in Sydney for work, so not too much exciting to report life wise, so here, have a movie recommendation. Last week I saw Spy with Melissa McCarthy, Miranda Hart, Jude Law and Jason Statham and it was hilarious.


Now I saw the trailer for this a while back and thought to myself that it would either be great or they’d go for the easy, she’s-a-fat-gal-ha-ha jokes and it would be terrible. But then a friend saw it and said it was good and I kept seeing other very positive reviews so I hot footed it to the cinema. I’ve liked Melissa since Gilmore Girls and I’ve liked most of her movies (with some reservations as US comedy is still on it’s let’s go for the gross-out moment comedy kick which isn’t really my thing) and I love Miranda Hart (USians, if you get a chance to see Miranda, her sit-com, it’s lovely. And also hilarious.)

I’m happy to report that Spy was great. Very funny. I can’t remember the last movie I went to where people were laughing so much. And happily, they let Melissa get out there and look gorgeous and kick butt in an awesome way. Generally rescuing the guys in the process. Plus she and Miranda have a great friendship. Love a good female friendship on screen. Will definitely be getting this one on DVD for the “movies that make you feel good” shelf. And I think there should be more Miranda and Melissa movies!

Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it.

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