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I’m due a cooking post but I haven’t really made any new recipes this month that really wowed me. But I did finally retire my old faithful microwave after being forced to admit it just wasn’t working how it should…taking longer to cook things, heating unevenly. All bad news for a microwave. I bought it when I was a student living in a share house about twenty three years ago. At the time it cost me nearly $400 which was a LOT of money out of my budget back then. And since then it has faithfully cooked vegies and defrosted meat and nuked frozen stuff and made the odd microwave mug cake and bag of microwave popcorn with no fuss at all other than the door getting a bit temperamental.

So I can’t say I didn’t get my monies worth. Can’t imagine the new one will last one anywhere near as long.

So vale, old faithful Sharp Carousel. It’s sad to see you go.


And hello shiny new black Darth Vader-like Panasonic (which I keep catching out sight of out of the corner of my eye as I past the fridge (it sits on my fridge) and thinking “what is that black thing”). Hopefully I can figure out how you work quickly.


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