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In the life of Mel, things remain much the same. I am working on Playing Fast. I am writing many lists in preparation for going to NY and RWA soon. I am watching too many episodes of the Great British Bake Off on youTube and subsequently wanting to BAKE ALL THE THINGS. Mmm pastry. Though the only thing I have baked lately has been some delicious Cheesy Mustard Bread.

cheesy bread

The recipe for that beauty is over here on Cathryn Hein’s great Friday Feast blog. It’s very easy and relatively speedy and good with soup and winter type foods.

To distract myself from the lack of pastry, I am randomly painting icecream. Maybe this is because it will be hot enough in New York to want to eat icecream. Unlike Melbourne where winter continues not to be my favourite season.



Oh, and Playing Hard has a cover. Nice. What’s up with everyone else?

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