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So the latest Netflix Original series is a very unique piece of quasi spec fic relationship drama called Sense8.


It’s made by the Wachowskis who made the Matrix (so if you’ve seen that movie/s you know they’re into some intriguing concepts in their SF). It’s the kind of series that wouldn’t get made on a traditional channel. It’s about 8 characters who start to share a mental/telepathic/empathic connection. They’re from different countries, different races, different sexualities and gender indentities and it’s the kind of slow build, interweaving, attention required story telling that isn’t really given much time. It’s difficult to explain what exactly it’s about other than relationships and love and identity and standing together because the whole is greater than the sum of the parts ¬†interspersed and finding your strength/courage/breaking free with a keep away from the bad guys who don’t like us plot thread but it’s fascinating and it sucked me in pretty quickly. I just hope they make more as I really want to see where it goes. It also has Naveen Andrews in a fairly major role (always a good thing).

It also has a very cool scene where all eight of them sort of connect all at once for the first time via a song. What’s Up, by Four Non Blondes which has always been a favourite. And yay, some lovely person has put it on youTube (the scene not the whole thing).


So if you’re interested, watch it on Netflix. You can probably get a month’s free trial which is more than long enough to watch this.


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