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Still cold here in Melbourne and I’m still head down editing Playing Hard. Winter makes me want to bake (well, any time of year makes me want to bake but yummy spicy warm things in winter are extra good). Here’s a couple of things I’ve made lately.

Apple tea cake (jetlag makes me crave apple tea cake, who knew?).


Recipe here…I think all I added was a sprinkle of brown sugar on top to make it a bit crunchy. Yum. Oh, and I got lazy and lined the tin with baking paper without getting all fancy and cutting it out to fit properly, hence the freeform edges. Lazy but decorative, I call that a win!

Home_made_fruit_toast__breakfast__winning__Sunday (1)

Recipe here…I used sultanas and dried apricots instead of raisins and mixed peel because that’s what I had in the cupboard and I don’t particularly like mixed peel. Oh and half cinnamon and half mixed spice because I love cinnamon. It was tasty. And toasted well.

Anyone got a fave winter bake?

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