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So I don’t really believe in guilty pleasures because if you like something then go for it but if I did believe in them then the show I’d currently classify as my guilty pleasure watch would be Nashville.

NSH KeyArt_Sustained.indd

Otherwise referred to between my friends and I as “the crack show”. Nashville is pretty much soap opera with singing. In this case country music rather than pop (Glee, sadly now finished) or Broadway (Smash, sadly finished too soon). So if country isn’t your thing then this may not be your crack. It is apparently a rule of Mel that if there are some romances to root for and people open their mouths and belt out a good tune every so often, then much crazy will be sat through. Nashville has some great story lines and great actors (Connie Britton = goddess, also I envy her ability to rock a bronzey black smokey eye without becoming a runny eyed mess and her mane of immaculate strawberry blonde hair) but the characters do tend toward the soap opera school of “I vow to change and do better” one second and then turning around and making the same damn mistake the next. It starts with a fairly simple established diva versus up and comer rivalry with a bit of complicated relationship backstory for both and then just takes off into awesome bonkers from there. But they somehow manage to keep you wanting more. Part “I must know what happens next”, part “I want to hear the next song”, part URST (and RST that morphs back into URST) and part “is X going to continue to be a tool/trainwreck/idiot”. Not sure how you’d make that work in a book but it makes for some entertaining TV.

So, got a fave crack TV show (I have many. This is just currently the crackiest. To the point where I may be re-watching s1 and 2 while aussie TV drip feeds s3 too slowly). Name your poison so we can all share the fun!

Oh, and here’s a Nashville song. Just to give you an earworm.

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