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So earlier this week, The Legend of Lyon Redmond aka book 11 in the Pennyroyal Green series by Julie Anne Long came out.


This series has been one of my faves since I read the first book (The Perils of Pleasure) quite some time ago. TPOP features Colin Eversea who is one of my fave romance heroes. The basic of premise of Pennyroyal Green is that there are two wealthy families in the town (village), the Everseas and the Redmonds. The Everseas are more scandalous but both have their share of adventure. The two families do not get along mostly due to the fact that the current heads of both families were in love with the same woman way back when and she married the Eversea rather than the Redmond. It’s a big sprawling series (extra long for a historical series) which covers all the various Eversea and Redmond offspring other than Olivia Eversea and Lyon Redmond. Because Lyon Redmond vanished five years ago and broke Olivia’s heart in the process. So your basic star crossed lovers. So the mystery of where is Lyon and what is Olivia going to do has been the overall series element. So no pressure at all (not) after ten books of establishing this story to finally deliver on the story of Lyon and Olivia.

Julia Anne Long writes beautiful prose. Just the sort of gorgeous luscious stuff that is made for historicals. (Though I believe her next series in contemporary so colour me intrigued). She also is a good touch with the humour to lighten all the lovely emotion. Basically Mel catnip when it comes to historicals. So I really wanted this to be a great book. And all I can say is, if you’re a fan of the series or maybe even if you’re not (though you may find the cast of characters a little confusing if not) then just go out and buy it and read it. Love. Feels. All that. Many thumbs up. I might have to go back and re-read the whole series¬†so I can savor it all over again

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