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I’m working away on The Forbidden Heir. Somewhat slowly due to life craziness but we will get their. I do have a blurb to share, so yay!

She fled to save her life, but surviving what comes next might destroy everything she believes in…

The royal witches of Anglion have always been bound to serve their country. But Lady Sophia Mackenzie, whose unbound magic and near claim to the crown, has made her a target, was forced to flee Anglion, leaving behind a dead assassin and shattered loyalties. Now she finds herself in Illvya, where the magic is everything she’s been taught to fear and the only person she can trust is her new husband, Cameron.

Sophia and Cameron must navigate a strange world of illicit temptations, dangerous threats and political intrigue, where as a royal witch Sophia is both prized and reviled.

As she begins to master her powers, the factions seeking to control Sophia close in, and her magical and emotional bonds with Cameron are pushed to the limit. To survive long enough to claim the future she seeks, she may have to choose between love and loyalty, and hope the price of her choice is one she can bear.

So there, a little taste of what’s to come. Also, I’ve mailed all the winners of my ARC giveaways and FB giveaway for the cookbook, so check your mail if you entered! And now back to writing for me, so I leave you with a picture of the fuzzy girl doing what cats do best.

Life_s_tough_when_you_re__fluffy__catsofinstagram__kitty (1)

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