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If you read this blog and follow me elsewhere, you’ll know I like to cook. I also like cookbooks though I do try to be good and not buy all the pretties. But there have a been a couple lately that may have snuck into the house when I wasn’t looking.



Jamie Oliver’s take on healthier food. So far, thumbs up to the few things I’ve made. Standard, easy to follow Jamie (His cookbooks are always good) recipes with a few exotic ingredients given the superfoods theme.



So far, I’m loving this cookbook. I’ve always liked Nigella’s recipes but they aren’t always a bastion of healthy eating. The mains I’ve tried from this though have all been really tasty and pretty healthy. I haven’t yet delved into the tempting cakes and desserts section except for one cake which was very good but am expecting more good things. Will be trying lots more recipes from this.



I wasn’t going to buy this one. I have a couple of Yottam Ottolenghi’s cookbooks and everything is always delicious, if a little time consuming but Nopi seemed like it was moving away from the middle eastern flavour that I love about his food and is also a more restaurant-y (aka more complex recipes) cookbook. So I was going to pass. However, I decided to enter a Instagram comp to win a copy and duly did (colour me surprised as I never win such things). So yay. I shall investigate when I have days for leisurely cooking.



I have really enjoyed Chat 10 Looks 3, the podcast Annabel does with Leigh Sales, this year and they are both always talking about delicious sounding things they’ve made, so I had to get Annabel’s cookbook. To be tested out in the Christmas holidays as there are many yummy sounding things in here.

PS May have also aquired the Women’s Weekly Best Ever Collection thanks to Leigh Sales talking about it on this podcast. So much cooking, so little time 😀 Also, podcasts are bad for the wallet. Or maybe that’s just me?

Anyone else got a cookbook they’ve been loving lately?

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