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Time for the first Sunday snippet of the year. Happy 2016, everyone! May it be full of happiness, adventures, health, good books and the time to read them!

But first, the blog plan for 2016. Last year, I wanted to try posting three times a week. Then I threw in the Sunday snippets as well so it became four. I did pretty well most of the year but fell off the schedule a few times. So as part of my 2016 planning, I’ve had another think and looked at the writing schedule and I decided¬†I’m going to go back to three times a week. I’m keeping the snippets and will be blogging Tuesdays and Thursdays as well. There may be weeks where I do extra posts but I’m going to try keeping it simple to start with.

And to kick off this year’s snippets….a sneak peek from Playing Hard. Because February 2 is exactly one month from today and that’s when this book comes out….exciting!


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