Planning for fun – food

Outside the usual categories of goals that I set at the start of each year, I try to set myself some fun goals to make sure I don’t vanish permanently into the writing cave.



So here are some food goals:

1. The cookbook plan – I love them but am determined to keep them from overflowing their assigned shelf space (the books in the pic are about 1/5 of the cookbooks I own). Therefore, I’m keeping a list of each cookbook I use in the next twelve months. Any unused after then (other than a few select classics) I will go through and scan any fave recipes and then donate/give away/whatever. And in the meantime, try not to buy too many more! Similarly, cook from the food magazines I succumb to buying and scan etc recipes I want to keep.

2. Learn to use my pressure cooker. Or, if I haven’t learned to use it by the end of the year, likewise get rid of it.

3. Try more preserving and jams. Am doing a short course on this in April so hopefully that will help me understand the mysteries of such things a bit better. Of course, making small batches is the challenge, or else all my friends will be getting food gifts all year 😀 Hopefully there might be a few more Laneway Learning classes in this category this year too.

4. Baking bucket list. Maybe I watched too many seasons of The Great British Bake Off this year (not that there is such a thing as too much GBBO) but I want to level up on my baking skills. I’m pretty good at making recipes work but I don’t do a lot of fancy pastry, meringues and that sort of thing. So try some out!

5. Balance the baking bucket list with focusing on making sure I cook great healthy food most of the time. And attempt to have leftovers for work lunches etc.

Anyone else set some fun goals? What are yours?

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