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I talked about some fun food goals on Tuesday. The other area where I’ve set some goals is for my art/craft things I do.


1. Do another watercolour class (which is kind of a cheat goal as I’ve just started one but I still have to finish it as it’s self paced).
2. Do another semester of Sketchbook Skool (There’s a new semester starting soon but I think writing craziness means I’ll have to wait until later in the year this time).
3. Do another photography class of some kind.
4. Keep having crafty days with the gals.
5. Practice hand lettering.
6. Try and do something arty at least once a week. There are weeks when I get busy and forget but it really does help me relax and inspires the muse.
7. I only managed to knit one thing last year so the stretch goal would be to pick up the needles again this year. I could maybe get crazy and sew something too.
8. Keep using Project Life to get my pics out of the camera/s.

That should keep me entertained! Anyone got new crafty things they want to try this year?

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