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Once upon a time, on January 12 2006 a wee unpublished writer started a blog. And for the decade since she has been nattering away on her own little corner of the internet from time to time, talking about life, writing and whatever caught her fancy along the way.

 Number ten

So happy 10th bloggiversary to me! The last ten years have been exciting ones, I sold my first book and have sold quite a few since. I’ve self-published books, I’ve changed jobs, I’ve travelled, I’ve laughed with friends and cried with them too. I’ve been through many iterations of technology and new social media and changes to the publishing industry. I’ve said goodbye to two darling kitties and hello to two more. I’ve taken up hobbies and discovered things that make me happy and possibly eaten a bit more chocolate than is strictly healthy. And through it all, to various degrees, I’ve come back here and put down some of my thoughts about it all.

Blogging seems to go in and out of fashion and who knows if I’ll be doing it in another ten years’ time but for now, I’m going to keep on keeping on. Thanks to those who’ve read along and commented and been part of the last ten years!

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