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Some things I have stumbled over on the internet lately that are entertaining/interesting/cool or all three 😀

Watercolour tattoos. I have a tattoo. One day I’ll get another. If so, I think I’d like done in this style. More examples here.

Awesome origami.

Serial Box. I find this idea intriguing. I need to pick a series and try it out!

I have been embroidering lately, so one of these could come in handy.

I’d play this.

Feeling some fountain pen lust over this pretty. (Also, need to win the lotto).

Edward Gorey. Mail artist.

Feeling some art supply lust over this. Luckily it was limited edition. What I need is a steampunk art supply case. That follows me around like The Luggage from the Discworld. 😀

Awesome space travel posters from NASA.

Speaking of embroidery, I did a sampler (see below). It was fun. That one came with Rebecca Ringquist’s book. She also has other cool samplers. I’m going to do another one. She also has a class on CreativeBug which is handy.





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